Sakara Meal Plans 


I did a Sakara 3 day Meal plan that included the following: 

  • Dinner on Tuesday

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday

  • Breakfast and Lunch on Friday

Here I will be sharing photos of each meal, descriptions, my feedback and how I felt during and after.

To start, the things that I really LOVE about this program:

  • Convenience. The meals get delivered in an insulated shipping box right to my doorstep.

  • All of the meals are labeled with which meal is for which day, so it makes for easy grab and go meals.

  • The meals themselves are delicious, nourishing, light and flavorful. They are the definition of clean and healthy eating. 

  • I truly feel like I am putting goodness into my body

  • All meals are already cooked, put together and ready to eat. Some hot items do need to be heated, but there is no prep work or cooking involved.

Day 1: Tuesday Dinner - Sexiest Salad in NYC 

Salad Included: Mixed greens, peach, blackberries, chickpeas and blueberries.

Superfood spotlight: cinnamon. 

Salads don’t have to be boring and this salad is far from that. This salad consists of a variety of colors, textures and flavors. It light and refreshing. The combination between the fruits, greens and chickpeas was perfect. It was filling and full of fiber and proteins.

Day 2: Wednesday breakfast - Blue Cornflower griddle cakes with wild blueberry maple jam

This is a flavorful breakfast that is the perfect portion. They are not too big and not too small, they complete my mornings and give me the energy I need to be productive. 

Superfood spotlight: eucommia bark. It gets incorporated into the maple chia jam. It supports your connective tissue and joints, aiding in flexibility. 

Enhancing my breakfasts with superfoods I haven’t heard of is exciting! I get to learn more about the goodness I am putting in my body that I normally wouldn’t and with these Sakara meals this is an easy way to do so. 

Heating is optional, however I highly recommend.

Day 2: Wednesday lunch - Sakara Burrito Bowl with turmeric corn salsa

Taste the rainbow! This was one of my favorite meals from this delivery. It was so colorful and I loved all of the different flavors. It was one of the healthiest burrito bowls I’ve ever had. I can also officially say I’ve had pink rice before too! 

Superfood spotlight: pau d’ arco. Natives Incans deemed this superfood evergreen tree devine. It gets tossed in the corn salsa. It makes it a exotic nutrient rich power house side. It is known to help slow the aging process, decrease stress levels and stimulate your digestive system. This meal will make you flourish and make your day that might brighter.

The dressing completes the meal and is light and tangy. It taste like a true homemade authentic dressing.

Day 2: Wednesday Dinner - Black Garlic BBQ Burger with Daily Greens

Any dinner that includes a burger and fries is a win for me! This plant based healthy burger with tricolor fries was delightful. When paired with the seeded mix and dipping sauce it just bursts with flavor. 

Superfood spotlight: black garlic. This is an aged black garlic and studies say that it has the power to boost your immune system and detoxify. You can eat while aging ing gracefully. The perfect combination.

Heating is optional, but highly recommended. 

Day 3: Thursday Breakfast - Rosewater pistachio muffin with pink coconut butter

An item that made me make sure I do not skip the most important meal of the day. Light, fluffy with crunchy nut pieces to get your day started on the right foot. The pink coconut butter is a great touch, its sweet with the perfect amount of coconut flavor. 

Superfood spotlight: rosewater. This muffin contains inflammation-fighting superfoods and rosewater that contributes to calming. This is the prettiest, healthiest breakfast and Sakara ensures there is goodness in every bite.

Heating is optional, but highly recommended.

Day 3: Thursday lunch - Summer Sun Salad

A salad full of greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds combined make for a powerhouse meal. It is sunshine in a bowl! This is definitely a salad worth raving about. 

Superfood spotlight: sunshine! Get that Sakara glow with this summer sun salad. This is a great salad that hydrates, and gives you easily digestible proteins. It also provides collagen boosting vitamin C.

Enjoy this directly from the bowl or transfer to your serving bowl of choice. 


Day 3: Thursday dinner - Southwestern Sunset Soup with a chipotle corn muffin


A southwest soup that contains gluten free grains, fiber and antioxidants. All items that help contribute a nourishing healthy meal that tastes good and is good for our bodies too.

Superfood spotlight: Job’s tears. There is nothing to cry about. Job’s tears brings you taste of home and comfort. This is the perfect meal especially for this time of year with the cool weather.

Heat over the stove for 10 minutes and serve with a chipotle corn muffin on the side.

Day 4: Friday Breakfast - Coconut praline granola with antioxidant cacao mylk

Hands down, this was my favorite breakfast. It was like having a ferrero rocher. It was chocolate flavored milk with hints of hazelnuts, coconut and almonds. It was the healthier version of that candy in my opinion and I could not get enough!

Superfood spotlight: hazelnuts. This granola helps regulate your digestion with the fiber that is in. It contains brain boosting healthy fats and a beautifying dose of vitamin C.

Starting my morning with chocolate is an automatic yes in my book! It is healthy and tastes amazing too! 

Day 4: Friday lunch - Baby Fennel + Sunchoke Pasta


A vegetable filled pasta dish that is also too pretty to eat, there is nothing better! This is a great carb filled meal to keep your stomach satisfied throughout your day. Carbs are not always bad, they are our friends and especially with this Sakara meal.

Superfood spotlight: sunchokes. A comforting dish that contains a superfood that is a great source of iron, vitamin C and antioxidants. It will keep your skin glowing and your system shining. 

This entire meal gets heated in a pan over the stove for 3-5 minutes. 


Overall Notes:

I honestly loved every meal in this program and being on a meal plan that not only looks too pretty to eat, but tastes great and contributes to a healthy immune system!

 With every meal it provided all of the clean eating nutrients that my body needs to thrive. I felt so much lighter and healthier by the end of my week.

The portions are perfect, I never felt overly full and I was never left still hungry either.


It is also a great way to give your body a good detox. There is no stress with these meals and you know exactly what you will be eating for the week.


I highly recommend giving this a try!